Scott Marshall & Marshall’s Highway

September 30 | 2 - 5 pm
Scott Marshall & Marshall’s Highway

Scott Marshall and Marshall's Highway is a 4-8 piece act that’s heavier in style. Driving beats and electric guitars dominate, yet the band’s versatility is evident in their ballads and the mix of genres they present. The Rock/Country collision takes place here, but there’s no bloodshed. It’s a crash everyone seems to enjoy!

More info here!

FOOD TRUCK: Smokehouse. Check them out here!

Artisan Cheese & Wine Pairing

October 7 - 8 | Noon - 5
Artisan Cheese & Wine Pairing

It's been proven over the centuries how well wine and cheese pair together on your palate. Now let the wineries of Berks County show you how they do it!

Ticket holders will enjoy samples of a different cheese at each winery, paired with fantastic wines and a savory cheese creation! Now you get to discover for yourself, what pairs best with what. Tickets are valid at all 10 wineries during the event weekend (either day).

Check back soon for our selections!

TICKETS: Will be available starting in August

$12 in advance $18 at the door

(Note: ticketing service fees apply for online purchasing)

For more information: Berks County Wine Trail.

Chambourcin Weekend

October 14 - 15 | Saturday 11am - 5pm, Sunday noon - 5
Chambourcin Weekend

What is "Chambourcin?" It's a grape!

Specifically, it's a red grape that grows very well in the cooler climate of Pennsylvania. It has found a loving home in the Lehigh Valley, where we have fermented it into an array of bold and exciting wines!

Chambourcin is the only grape that's grown by everyone on the Lehigh Valley wine trail. Also, it's famous for its ability to pair with hearty meals - like steaks and stews!

So join us for a weekend of complimentary food & wine pairings, featuring the distinct flavors of Chambourcin.

(Standard wine tastings will still cost $5.)

And make sure to try our other creations from this versatile grape - we make a Chambourcin Rose', and we also use it in our semi-sweet blend Quaff!

For more information visit Lehigh Valley Wine Trail.

Nouveau Weekend

November 18 - 19 | Saturday 11am - 5pm, Sunday noon - 5
Nouveau Weekend

"Beaujolais Nouveau" is a beloved tradition in French winemaking! Every November, producers will debut a young, not-fully-aged version of a wine from their recent harvest. This is so the public can get a taste of what the new vintage will soon be bringing.

Here in the Lehigh Valley, we like to partake in the celebration! We will be offering food pairings featuring our own light and fruity Nouveau wines.

More information will be coming soon.

The food & wine pairings are complimentary! (Standard wine tastings will still cost $5.)

For more information: Lehigh Valley Wine Trail.

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