Lehigh Valley Wine Trail

Harvest Weekend

September 9 - 10 | Saturday 11am - 5pm, Sunday noon - 5

"The Butcher, the Baker, the Winemaker!" 

Fall is almost here... the Lehigh Valley's vineyards are ripe and ready to be picked... and we would like to celebrate yet another harvest!

We welcome our friends, neighbors, and everyone else for two afternoons of food & wine pairings, as well as live entertainment.

These pairings are complimentary! (Standard wine tastings will still cost $5.)

Chambourcin Weekend

October 14 - 15 | Saturday 11am - 5pm, Sunday noon - 5
Chambourcin Weekend

What is "Chambourcin?" It's a grape!

Specifically, it's a red grape that grows very well in the cooler climate of Pennsylvania. It has found a loving home in the Lehigh Valley, where we have fermented it into an array of bold and exciting wines!

Chambourcin is the only grape that's grown by everyone on the Lehigh Valley wine trail. Also, it's famous for its ability to pair with hearty meals - like steaks and stews!

So join us for a weekend of complimentary food & wine pairings, featuring the distinct flavors of Chambourcin.

(Standard wine tastings will still cost $5.)

Nouveau Weekend

November 18 - 19 | Saturday 11am - 5pm, Sunday noon - 5
Nouveau Weekend
"Nouveau" is a beloved French tradition, wherein winemakers offer their fans a preview of the upcoming vintage, by bottling a very young version of their wines, only a few weeks after harvest has ended. Our celebration has a little more of a German flavor, though. We will be offering some delicious wine and food pairings, auf Deutsch! More info to come. Check back soon!

Vino in the Valley

March 3 - 25 | Saturday 11am - 5pm, Sunday noon - 5
Vino in the Valley
Join us for a month of tasting adventure! Every weekend, we are offering delectable wine and food pairings in our Loft. This year, we will be collaborating with our good friends, the culinary geniuses at the Stony Run Inn in Kempton, PA! All month long we will be celebrating our region’s German heritage, which is rich in both wine and food. Passports are available in our Tasting Room! (Cash or check only, please.) Or click here to order them online.   WEEKENDS 1 & 3 (March 3-4, 17-18) THE FOOD: German Snappy Meatball A tender meatball nestled on a bed of fluffy, creamy mashed potatoes, and smothered with a tomato ginger sauce that’s slightly sweet. This is the perfect combination of sweet and heat! Krauter Spätzle What is Spätzle? It’s a German noodle! And we have made it into a delicious salad, tossed with fresh, crunchy herbs and vegetables… Add some swiss cheese and bacon for the savory notes; and for a tiny tartness, we’ve dressed it with a light, white wine vinegar. WEEKENDS 2 & 4 (March 10-11, 24-25) THE FOOD: Reuben Slider Our new take on the old classic sandwich! Sauteed pastrami, melted swiss cheese, tangy sauerkraut and thousand island dressing create a tapestry of taste between fresh, zesty pieces of rye and pumpernickel bread. German Beer Cheddar Soup Need to warm up a little? How about this rich cheddar cheese soup infused with spices and a German Dortmunder (mildly hoppy, pale golden lager). To add softness to the texture, we have stirred in some finely chopped onions and carrots! All foods will be paired with your choice of: Grüner Veltliner (Silver Medal: Los Angeles, Finger Lakes) The nose is dominated by fresh cut green apple, with a hint of white pepper and citrus. In the mouth you will feel a little spritz and a medium-bodied wine with a soft finish. The flavors follow the aromas, and the fresh apple and white pepper really come through at the end. Riesling This classic German grape produces an aromatic, slightly sweet wine. The bouquet is dominated by apple, pear, and peach. The wine finishes with a hint of sweetness and pairs wonderfully with light dishes.

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